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Capri Blue

Found Glass Candle: Aloha Orchid

$ 21.99 USD


Capri Blue Aspen Bay Candles feature freshly picked orchids, jasmine, gardenia, and other white blossoms, all entwined in a delicate Hawaiian lei. Each candle is hand poured using traditional methods of candle makers from generations past. The Capri Blue Found Glass Candle Aloha Orchid uses a unique super-refined, food-grade soy wax formulation that absorbs more fragrance oil than any other natural candle wax. This blend allows our candles to burn clean and strong, lasting up to twice as long as normal candles and perfuming any space with the finest of fragrances .

orchids, jasmine and gardenia

BURN TIME: 40 Hours
SIZE: 8 oz / 4 x 3.25